Digital assets are under control
Build a virtual world-blockchain world-real world bridge to create a global DPC application ecosystem.
Smart contract
Trading System
Value transfer protocol
Consensus mechanism

Double port chain is the world's first efficient blockchain platform to support anonymous transport, with V-eleven multi-cycle encryption algorithms and "VPOS" for instant payment and exchange mining and major configuration consensus mechanisms.

Double port chain uses bit-strand high-performance graphene technology, bitcoin anonymity technology, Ethereum smart contract, and EOS underlying architecture logic, combined with its own high-performance public chain, to provide strong technical support for digital assets, and promote the wide range of digital assets. Domain applications and innovations.

Our vision is to create a “global leading decentralized eco-wallet for effective decentralized operations” to create a trusted digital asset exchange community, the BitEternity community!

Double port chain native currency DPC, a total of only 100 million, we will recruit blockchain enthusiasts from around the world, holding DPC will become a community member. Community members have relevant rights to the community level according to the number of DPCs they hold, and community members can also receive dividends from community development and individual community contributions.
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