BitEternity is a global blockchain open source community project that is a blockchain infrastructure that provides customizable services. BitEternity has developed a set of industrial blockchain technology standards, following the principles of hot plugging, modularization, and parallel expansion, providing scalable consensus, network, account, account, block management, chain management, transaction management, event bus and other functions. Module. Based on BitEternity, building a blockchain, like assembling a CPU, hard disk, memory, and motherboard into a computer, users can freely choose modules such as consensus, network, account, account, etc., and assemble into a chain suitable for their needs. This chain is not limited to the public chain, it can also be a chain of alliances or a private chain. BitEternity hopes to link blockchain with the reality of digital asset payment through technological innovation and conceptual innovation. Therefore, in commercial applications, the BitEternity project team will select powerful and trusted third parties to cooperate to promote the iteration of the industry and applications. Leaded by a third-party partner, BitEternity provides technical support.

Our advantage
Double port chain native currency DPC, a total of only 100 million, we will recruit blockchain enthusiasts from around the world, holding DPC will become a community member. Community members have relevant rights to the community level according to the number of DPCs they hold, and community members can also receive dividends from community development and individual community contributions.
Double port chain-DPC Invitation card
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